Food Design


I’m fascinated with the dorkily named Human-Food Interaction (HFI). There are so many cool elements to look at, to tweak, to explore. Food ties in with creation, sharing, enjoyment, nutrition, reward… I love food and I love technology, so why not combine them?

Why Human-Food Interaction?

A Multimodal Interaction

One of the element I love about HFI is the multimodal nature of eating. And I love multimodal interacitions. Exploring how sight, smell, social suggestion, haptics, and everything get blended into a change in how we perceive food is something I want to explore.

Psychological Benefits of Food

Another thing that I love about food, is how it can have significant psychological benefits. It has the power to evoke emotions, trigger memories, and foster connections. Thus, better HFI means better food experiences, means happier and more connected people.

HFI Beyond Eating

Cooking, too, can be a therapeutic and creative outlet, promoting well-being and mental health. By studying HFI, we can further understand and harness these psychological benefits for various purposes, including improving overall quality of life.

My Work in HFI

In my journey of exploring HFI, I have already undertaken exciting projects and initiatives. Here are a few highlights:



Egg 3D Printer: With a team in Korea I developed an egg 3D printer, which combines technology and culinary artistry. This project showcases the intersection of food and technology, creating novel and visually stunning food designs.

Human Food 3D printer Co-creation

Food 3D Printing and Co-creation: I am currently exploring how I can use a food 3D printer to “co-creation” food. By involving users in the design process and printing process, I aim to create customized and interactive cookong experiences that taste good and feel good to create.

HFI in Space

Medium Article on HFI in Space: After my masters thesis, I wrote a Medium article that outlines the case for HFI in space exploration. More news on that to follow ;)

Future Endeavors

I am excited to continue pushing the boundaries of HFI next to (and hopefully during) my PhD work!


Human-Food Interaction is a captivating area of study that encompasses multimodal interaction, psychological benefits, and lots of fun directions to explore. Through my work, including the development of unique food printers, exploring co-creation with chocolate, and advocating for HFI in space, I aim to contribute to this field and uncover new possibilities.

If you want to eat with me, cook with me, or explore the research around this things feel free to reach out to me!