XXR Toolkit

XXR Toolkit

For my graduation project from my masters in Industrial Design at the TU Delft, I was fortunate enough to get an internship possition at Accenture Interacive Amsterdam and also work on a project combining two of my favorite things: design tools and multimodal interaction!

Find the tool here!



Basically I wanted to enable designers to include multimodal interaction in their designs. XR / AR / VR was becoming more and more popular (and it still is) and frustratingly, the only senses that designers of these interactions target are sight and sound (and a tiny bit of haptics). I wanted to enable designers to consider the possibilities of other senses, such as smell, taste, and touch, in their designs.

What did I actually make?

You can read my graduation report, but in summary:


The XXR Toolkit is a combination of a set of design cards (that feature the different senses and their possibilities) and a workshop that guides designers on how to consider the properties of their interactions. The cards are meant to be used as a brainstorming tool, to help designers think of new ideas.

What came out of it?

Unfortunately I was not able to change the world with my tool, but I am very proud of it:

The Future of the XXR Toolkit

I am still involved with creating design tools and multimodal interactions in my PhD. However refreshing and expanding the XXR toolkit will need to come some other day….